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Posted on 01 February 2021 by Amanda Chua

Kitchen helmed by a new leader with an all-new culinary direction


Alleybar is delighted to debut the newest member to our family - 

Executive Chef Chan Kar Meng.

Chef Kar Meng (or Chef Meng, as we address him endearingly) is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Sydney, Australia. Beginning his culinary career in Melbourne, Chef Meng has since then graced the kitchens of restaurants like Red Tail Bar by Zouk, Chinoiserie and 1-Michelin starred restaurant, Jag. 


In his first year as the premier Executive Chef of Red Tail Bar by Zouk, he won his first award by SR Signatures, with his Chicken Rice Arancinis and hosted the pairing dinner for Martell’s Single Estate Launch. He later moved on to be the Western Head Chef of Cast Iron where he led his team to Gourmet Japan and hosted a Whiskey Pairing Dinner in collaboration with Suntory Group.


Needless to say, Chef Meng brings with him a brand new menu and a delectable flair to Alleybar with dishes such as Soft Shell Crab Pita Pockets ($23), Oysters ($26) and Lobster Rolls ($32). 

As he affirms, his various travels has refined his culinary expertise, inspiring him to marry tastes that bring out the uniqueness of his culinary creations. 

Also a strong believer of ethical farming and supporting homegrown brands, he has directly sourced his ingredients from suppliers like Crab Lovers Farm, a Singaporean farm that supplies 100% organic and ethically farmed crabs and lobsters that grace our plates. 


Chef Meng aspires to create a memorable experience for guests of Alleybar by focusing on the quality of his food and feedback of our esteemed guests. He intends to leverage the relationship he has fostered with local suppliers to enhance the menu that Alleybar has to offer. 


“Never say you do not like to eat something, you just haven't found a way to enjoy it.” says Chef Meng.

Under Chef Meng’s direction, Alleybar is set to become a destination for those craving a dining experience wrapped up in the rich heritage of Peranakan Place.


By working with only the most ethical, and freshest produce, meats and fish available, he will let the natural flavour of each individual ingredient shine. Dishes will combine a mix of savoury bites and light textures to ensure diners are exposed to a myriad of dining options that satisfy every palate.

View Alleybar’s latest menu here.

Diners are strongly encouraged to make a reservation to avoid long wait times. 

Complementing his latest creations are Alleybar’s Signature Cocktails, tipples that are passionately curated by our General Manager, Matteo Arrigoni and his team behind the famous brass bar. View our cocktail menu here.



Posted on 09 October 2020, by Amanda Chua

An artisanal cocktail trend of the season

The Unseen Sour.jpg

—AlleyBar introduces The Untold Series

Have you seen a whiskey sour that looks like strawberry infused water? No, it’s not artificial flavouring. The secret? Milk Clarification.

A technique used since centuries ago to strip the edges of rougher spirits, milk clarification has found its way into the glasses in AlleyBar.

A paradoxical statement


As the name implies, these cocktails are made with milk and yet paradoxically perfectly clear. You may think it’s only made possible with fancy equipment and scientific knowhow, and yet, the truth couldn’t be farther.

First thought to have been used in the 1600s, milk clarified beverages are now back in fashion, and our bartenders here at AlleyBar are discovering the joys of the extremely versatile classic process.

The Invisible Sling.jpg
The Ghosted Colada.jpg

As clear as day

These transparent tipples are a crowd-pleaser due to the nostalgic taste and are popular among bartenders because they’re easy to pre-batch and make at scale. Despite the fact that preparation of the cocktail can take up to hours and is tedious, the process of serving it is minimalistic, much like how it looks.

Comprising of a trio of clarified cocktails that bear no visible resemblance to their classical counterparts, AlleyBar proudly presents to you The Ghosted Colada, The Invisible Sling and The Unseen Sour. One of 2020’s most coveted cocktail trends, enjoy​ The Untold Edition ​at $20 per glass and pair it with our crowd-pleaser bites.  View Menu

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