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Posted on 09 October 2020, by Amanda Chua

An artisanal cocktail trend of the season

The Unseen Sour.jpg

—AlleyBar introduces The Untold Series

Have you seen a whiskey sour that looks like strawberry infused water? No, it’s not artificial flavouring. The secret? Milk Clarification.

A technique used since centuries ago to strip the edges of rougher spirits, milk clarification has found its way into the glasses in AlleyBar.

A paradoxical statement


As the name implies, these cocktails are made with milk and yet paradoxically perfectly clear. You may think it’s only made possible with fancy equipment and scientific knowhow, and yet, the truth couldn’t be farther.

First thought to have been used in the 1600s, milk clarified beverages are now back in fashion, and our bartenders here at AlleyBar are discovering the joys of the extremely versatile classic process.

The Invisible Sling.jpg
The Ghosted Colada.jpg

As clear as day

These transparent tipples are a crowd-pleaser due to the nostalgic taste and are popular among bartenders because they’re easy to pre-batch and make at scale. Despite the fact that preparation of the cocktail can take up to hours and is tedious, the process of serving it is minimalistic, much like how it looks.

Comprising of a trio of clarified cocktails that bear no visible resemblance to their classical counterparts, AlleyBar proudly presents to you The Ghosted Colada, The Invisible Sling and The Unseen Sour. One of 2020’s most coveted cocktail trends, enjoy​ The Untold Edition ​at $20 per glass and pair it with our crowd-pleaser bites.  View Menu

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