Posted on 01 Jan 2020, by Deborah Lim

3 trends that will be big behind the bar this 2020

—The way we drink continues to change.

We speak to Joshua Sim, Assistant Bar Manager of Alleybar on how our cocktails may evolve in the coming year.

Going Local


Recent years have shown an increasing trend of playing with homemade ingredients and infusions. Some of the local ingredients you can discover on our menu include: chinese red dates, dried plums, milo, pandan, and homemade kaya.


We also take our no-alcohol drinks seriously. And we have 3 beautiful barmade mocktails to show for it. The most popular one features the lovely blue hue of the butterfly-pea flower.

Marrying the Menu

The challenge is to keep things familiar, and yet interesting—to pleasantly surprise and fit to tastes, without a fanfare of crazy garnishes. Our offering of cocktails maintains subtle appearances. A trend that follows an increase in the popularity of classic cocktails such as the Sazerac and the Negroni.


Every cocktail is carefully crafted; we let the sophistication and quality of our ingredients do the talking. Each ingredient that goes into our cocktails are complex on their own, but marry up well together.


For example, the Salted Caramel Popcorn cocktail has a long preparation process. We pop the kernels and sit them in clarified butter, following which, we use a fat-washing technique to infuse the now-savoury popcorn with Sailor Jerry, before it meets our barmade salted caramel and orange bitters for that final touch.

Our bespoke cocktail menu has something-for-everyone.

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We See More Gin in 
Your Future

Gin is going to have an exciting year. We see distillers getting away from the Traditional London dry style and having fun—focusing on single-botanical releases and using unique ingredients.

There’s a new generation of drinkers that are appreciating Gin a lot more. Gin is complex, but fun to play with. Because of the way distillers are reinventing Gin, it opens up many more cocktail possibilities 
than just your regular Gin Fizz or a G&T.

New to the menu list: Nordes Gin, Spain.

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